The previous post we have discussed about “HOW TO CHOOSE AND BUY THE RIGHT SIGNET RING FOR HIM? PART 1”. Now it is time to choose shape of signet ring, what type of shape they should be: square, circle, skull head, skeleton or head of an animal, like tiger, lion or any others.

Different type and shape of signet ring for men.

Square Signet Ring: Men’s Signet Ring with a square or close to such a square shape have been in the air since ancient times. Part of this was due to the fact that it is easier to apply the coat of arms of its owner to the square or round surface of the seal of signet ring. However, even today, any catalog of men’s signet ring certainly contains several dozen copies of a square shape. Such men’s signet ring look courageous and strict, this is a real classic.

Men’s finger signet ring of a square shape are classic. Such strict lines will suit a mature man.

Rectangle Signet Ring: Now in fashion men’s finger signet ring made of gold, silver, steel, alloy or any others with a square of narrow rectangular shape. They may be without any stones or very often such finger signet ring are decorated with one or several small stone. Therefore, if you are interested in a signet ring for men with a stone, but there is no money for jewelry with a large stone, it is worth paying attention to this option or you can select a signet ring without any stone, like bellow image examples. In general the rectangle-shaped signet ring for men looks stylish and will suit active and energetic young people.

Men’s signet ring are rectangular in shape – fashionable and interesting. An excellent choice for young and ambitious!

Circle or Oval Signet Ring:  Men’s Finger Signet Ring made of gold, silver, steel, alloy or any others metal with a platform of round or oval shape are much less common. This form of the seal for a man is entirely acceptable, but … all the same jewelry with rounded elements are more suitable for women. But today it often happens that a circle signet ring or oval signet ring is used as usual for men.

Men’s Signet Ring of a round shape – in the opinion of the editorial office for men not common. A signet ring with a round stone was still there, but the signet…

Different Type of Figure Signet Ring: On our online store you can buy a man’s signet ring decorated with a head of a tiger, a wolf, a dragon or another figure. To consider whether such a ring is a signet ring is a difficult question. After all, as we have discussed before – if there is a large stone, it is no longer a man’s signet ring, but a normal ring. Nevertheless, today fashion made and wear of steel or silver signet ring with a figured platform. The variant is interesting and symbolic, but more suitable for young people than for men of age.

Original men’s signet ring with figures, heads of beasts, skull head and symbols are very creative and interesting!

Let’s talk about the symbolism of signet ring and inscriptions on signet ring for men in another article about signet ring. I hope today is enough? Continuation of the cycle of publications for the choice of signet ring for men should be!

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