What dose Men’s Finger Signet Ring Meaning? The History of Men’s Finger Signet Ring Appearance. For a long time we did not have publications on the topic of men’s jewelry. It’s time to catch up. And do not think that jewelry for a man – this is not decently! On the contrary, elegant and carefully selected men’s watches, cuff links or a chain around the neck, will give the man a special charm. In addition, the dandy style just assumes a low-key tone in clothes, but with the addition of a stylish detail. Such, for example, as a silver or gold man’s signet. Indeed, the signet ring was and remains one of the strictly male decorations, strict and elegant. For all this, the men’s prints are clearly visible, thanks to their fairly large size.


Today’s article is the beginning of a small series of publications entirely devoted to such an interesting and important topic as Men’s Finger Signet Ring. We will tell you where they appearance and what purposes they served in the past. In detail we shine a question on how correctly and sensibly to choose and buy gold Men’s Finger Signet Ring, and also man’s signets from silver. In addition, you are waiting for practical advice, high-quality photos and many interesting things. You will find out which finger to wear the signet to a man and a lot of other useful information.

Men’s finger signet ring – the history of appearance

It is worth noting that the signet ring has an interesting and rich past. Let me tell you a little about it.

The history of Men’s Finger Signet Ring appearances from … Ancient Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt! In Mesopotamia, Men’s Finger Signet Ring were a symbol of power and a high social status of the person wearing them. The seals were sealed (hence the name), and they also stamped on important documents, thereby assuring them. Male gold prints were worn around the neck, passing them in a string, or on a finger.

Ancient golden male signet ringsAncient golden male signet rings.

In addition, in ancient Egypt, men’s prints acquired a special occult role, protecting their owners (according to the Egyptians) from evil spirits. The ovens were adorned with special symbols and precious stones. A man wearing a signet ring acquired a special status, it was not an obvious man.

Ancient Cabinet Premium Double Eagle Men's Signet RingAncient Cabinet Premium Double Eagle Men’s Signet Ring.

In the Middle Ages, men’s prints of silver or gold, served as a kind of personal signature. Nobles wore men’s prints (photos of which can be seen below), on the upper side of which was engraved their personal coat of arms. The coat of arms was applied to the ring in a mirror image so that the impression was obtained in a direct display. The stamped seal on the gold male seal was applied either directly to the metal surface of the ring, or to the surface of a semiprecious stone (such as an amethyst).

Kings, dukes and counts, if necessary, seal the letter or assure an important document, held a ring over the candle flame and put an impression of the gold seal on the sealing wax.

Men's signet ring acted as a personal sealMen’s signet ring acted as a personal seal – they put an impression on sealing wax, sealing a letter or certifying a document.

One of the most famous in the history of Men’s Finger Signet Ring, this “Fisherman’s Ring” – one of the attributes of the Pope. The seal “Ring of the Fisherman” weighs about 35 grams and is made of beautiful white gold. The ring has a stone inset on which the holy Apostle Peter is depicted fishing the net. This gold male print (until the middle of the XIX century.). The Pope put his personal seal on his letters. And when the Pope died and his place was occupied by a new, old ring, they destroyed and made a new one!

The famous Men's Finger Signet Ring (seal) "The Ring of the Fisherman" is one of the attributes of the Pope.The famous Men’s Finger Signet Ring (seal) “The Ring of the Fisherman” is one of the attributes of the Pope.

In our time, the Men’s Finger Signet Ring, has lost the function of “personal signature”, although it can still be used for its intended purpose. Nevertheless, today men’s jewelry Men’s Finger Signet Ring, (for example, from gold of 585 tests) are an important attribute of a modern man, emphasizing his style and status, as well as a chic car like Mercedes.

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