Today there is a new trend, which makes a new sound of strict Gothic Style. Although real Gothic Cross is not a very popular style in the modern jewelry world, but the breath of this strict style is felt, it is only necessary to look at the forms of stylized Latin crosses.

Classical jewelry went through a reformation, following the spirit of fashion, and now they are presented as an “accessory”, which carries a special value. The symbolic content, which always characterized the cross, is inferior to a very strong aesthetic content, expressed in romantic forms.

Masters who create modern crosses are filled with imagination, gleaned from books, and are fascinated by the materials in which they prefer color. So, white gold with classic diamonds gave way to yellow / rose gold products with yellow or black diamonds, intense rubies and candy pink sapphires.

Huge Heavy 316L Stainless Steel Gothic Style Jesus Crucifix Cross {Men}


316L Real Stainless Steel Gothic Style Crucifix Jesus Cross {Unisex}


Heavy 316L Stainless Steel Gothic Style Crucifix Cross Pendant {Unisex}


Very expensive, but gold Gothic Cross so popular, like a thousand years ago. Gold have always been and will be a symbol of wealth, prosperity and high social status of its owner. Wearing a gold cross, he as if say to others: “I am a rich and influential man!” Even in ancient times gold cross were a sign of noble birth, wealth and power! New ornaments-crosses show character and do not express special meaning, which sometimes goes beyond the limits of devotion.

The crucifixion cross and the meaning that it bears is the most expensive for any believer. As long as we remember the death that the Savior took for us on the cross through the crucifixion, we find the strength to abstain from sin. The cross crucifix constantly reminds us of this – about our salvation, about the great sacrifice, about the need to constantly pray to the Lord and ask him to protect our soul and body. No Christian can do without a cross. And although you can buy a crucifix today in any jewelry store, not everyone understands all its significance for the believer.

316L Stainless Steel Crucifix Cross Crystal Pendant Necklaces


Large Wooden Gothic Style Catholic Jesus Crucifix Cross {Men}


316L Stainless Steel Crucifix Cross Jesus Multilayer Pendant


The crucifix cross depicts Jesus Christ at the time of execution. Despite the painful death that awaited the crucified people, the Savior is depicted on the Catholic Cross rather peaceful and triumphant. Crucifixion is the eternal symbol of the redemption of the world and its deliverance from the horrors of hell. The hands of Christ peacefully rest on the top crossbar of the crucifix – so it covers the whole world. This symbol once again shows that the Messiah redeemed the sins of all people without exception.

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