The modern market offers to our attention so rich a range of earrings that we, women, selecting this decoration for the ears for clothes, eye color, etc. forget to pay attention to the most important point – the different types of earrings hooks. Paying attention to the shell of the product, somehow it is forgotten that it is a poor-quality or unsuitable lock that can cause the hook to appear on the collar of the sweater, scratches on the skin, and may contribute to the loss of jewelry. Here in this article we’ll discussing about different types of earring hooks.

To prevent misunderstandings, one way or another related to the purchase of earrings, the site for real bitch PendantOfNecklaces.com, will tell you how to choose an ornament for charming female ears with a suitable hook on the earrings.

Carnation Earrings (Stud Earring):
The carnation hook (lock) earrings, which is equipped with most of the static earrings, sometimes called Stud Earring. To decorate the carnations do not slip off the lobes, they are fixed with a special clamp, which adjoins the ear from the back side as much as the owner of the earrings wishes. Sometimes (to fix the earrings on the rod), the jewelers do the groove in the clamping area.

However, not only static earrings are represented by stud earring – in the assortment you can see a huge number of earrings descending to the shoulders, the quality of which must be checked in the store because the stud hook on the dangling earrings is not always fixed qualitatively. As a consequence, loss from the lobes of this type of jewelry is not uncommon.

In order to avoid any misunderstandings related to the purchase of earrings, the hook of which is represented by a carnation, on the eve of the purchase, PendantOfNecklaces.com recommends checking the fastener for the fixing reliability, as often the elongated “face” base of the earring pulls the rear, resulting in the earring, under the action of gravity Lean forward until it is outside the lobe. In order to determine whether the hook fits the ear, it must be measured with the lobe and see: when the hook is in the closed position, whether there is a free distance between it and the lobe, and if there is, then the purchase of this decoration is not advisable. In addition, the tip of the rod, which is inserted into the hook, should be a little blunt and carefully polished.

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