The previous publication of “MEN’S SIGNET RING [FINGER] MEANING – THE HISTORY OF APPEARANCE” was devoted to the history of the emergence and role in the life of the owner of such decoration, as a Biker Style or Gothic Style, finger signet ring for him. A signet ring is a ring without a stone, but with a flat platform, where a coat of arms, a sign or an inscription is engraved. Remember – men’s signet ring with stones do not happen! Otherwise, it will already be a ring with stone.

100% Real Solid 925 Silver Biker Style Lion Signet Ring for Him!

Today we continue to consider this decoration for a man. This time we will tell you how to choose and buy a men’s signet ring. In a sense, it’s even more difficult than buying a diamond ring for your girlfriend! The main thing for a woman is that the ring looks beautiful and luxurious, and the man should take attention many other factors when choosing an ornament: convenience, conformity to the status, whether the seal fits his wardrobe, whether it is appropriate for his lifestyle and much more.

But not enough empty words. Read the article and you will see and learn all the necessary information about finger signet ring for him, their price, photos, where to buy and how to choose.

How to start choosing signet ring for him? Perhaps the first thing you need to do is decide on the metal of the signet. From what material it is made, very much depends – the appearance, the durability of the decoration and, of course, its value. So, for example, if you are interested in a man’s signet in gold, the price for it can be quite high. Are you ready to pay it? To solve for you, but for now we read about the materials, of which prints are most often made.


GOLD. Well, what can I say? Men’s gold signet ring still are also popular, like a thousand years ago. Gold Rings have always been and will be a symbol of wealth, prosperity and high social status of its owner. Wearing a gold signet ring on his finger, he as if say to others: “I am a rich and influential man!” Even in ancient times gold signet ring were a sign of noble birth, wealth and power!

Expensive, but also very beautiful jewelry men’s signet ring perform with the use of special types of gold, such as gold, white and pink. There may be inserts from platinum.

Golden finger signet ring for him – a symbol of wealth and high social status!

If you decide to buy a gold signet ring, do it only in reputable jewelry stores. Forgery can be not only a waste of money, but also a danger to your health! Also, pay attention on your style – not all men go gold jewelry, perhaps it is worth looking at the ring of silver.

Gold signet rings are made of gold of different types. One of the most common – 14k (14k, means 58.5% gold). This, so-called, red gold. Men’s signet ring from gold of 585 contain 58.5% of gold other word it is 14k gold, the rest – copper and silver. At a price they are quite affordable for many, and while this gold is hard and durable, it does not have the habit of fading in the air.

SILVER. Another extremely worthy and eternally fashionable option – signet ring for him made of sterling silver(Solid 999 or 925 Silver). Silver is also a precious metal, albeit less expensive than gold. Therefore, in ancient times silver men’s signet ring were worn by many famous and famous people (if you are fond of painting, you can probably recall several examples when the canvas depicts a count, cardinal or a king with a silver signet rings).

Silver signet ring for men, is a symbol of strength, leadership and uncommonness. It will suit a man with a delicate taste, will look at his hand elegantly and with restraint. If you wear a business suit, the silver signet ring will perfectly match with the silver cufflinks, the dark fabric of the jacket, the steel case of the wristwatch and the steel belt buckle.

100% Solid 925 & 999 Sterling Silver Signet Ring Look Restrained and Stylish!

In addition, the signet ring with silver has the healing properties of this noble metal (in any case, they say so). And do not forget that you can buy a silver men’s badge inexpensively and save money, for example, on an awesome silver bracelet.

STEEL. And, in conclusion, a few words about men’s steel signet ring. This is the most affordable and budget option. Buy men’s prints made of steel (or other base metal, for example, male prints made of titanium or tungsten) can be found in any online store of men’s prints. And buy for a very modest amount!

316L Solid Real Stainless Steel Signet Ring – are Interesting Design and Cheap. NEVER STAIN, CORRODE, RUST, OXIDIZE OR TURN BLACK AND NEEDN`T ANY MAINTENANCE!!!

In this case, signet ring for men from steel are very diverse and it is possible to pick up a signet with almost any design. The only thing – be careful when buying a steel men’s signet ring. It should be exactly quality stainless steel, and not some dangerous alloy made by Chinese “craftsmen”, from which your skin will go stained and blistered!

Men’s Signet Ring made of other materials – platinum, titanium, tungsten, ceramics, leather are less common, and therefore we will not consider them here. The main thing is to measure your budget with the price of the male print, which you liked and before you buy a signet, be sure to try it on – does it look good? In this case, it is very important to pay attention that the SHAPE OF SIGNET RING: SQUARE, CIRCLE, SKULL OR HEAD OF AN ANIMAL? This is all about in our next post.

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