It’s time to talk about American bikes (motorcyclist) and bikers. We have all seen American movies about bikers, especially with the participation of numerous gangs of incredibly steep and badass bikers. Yes, certainly – the American biker subculture has penetrated into all countries of the world and was firmly entrenched there for many years. Who in the world does not know what “Harley-Davidson” is?


Since we moved to America – we see motorcycles around ourselves every day. Yes there – we are in the garage, too, settled one such, it’s time, now I write an article about American bike and bikers.

All I’m going to write here is basically Texas. For example, the rules of the road – they can vary from state to state.


Here bikers are many – probably once a minute on the road in the city and see some motorcycle. And if you look at the parking lot near bars and roadside pubs, then motorcycles are registered there permanently!They go to all of whom are not lazy – both old and young – and to work, and on business, and on a weekend walk,

A motorcycle here is more a vehicle close to a car than to a bicycle. I was used to the second option from childhood: while I had a bicycle, the “older guys” had motorcycles. “And cars are for adults”. Here everything is completely different, all somehow in an adult and very detailed.

According to the rules of the state of Texas road traffic is forbidden between lanes (lane splitting), and the motorcycle must go occupying a whole strip as a full-fledged car. On the road, you can often see tablets, as in the picture on the right – accustom motorists to treat motorcycles as full participants in the movement.


Bikers drive here in general very sedately, well and decently. Honestly, the ruff driving I’ve seen in these few years has been counted several times. What cannot but rejoice? The presence of highways and desert country roads allows you to “drive” everyone who wants, and in dense urban streams “show off” – more expensive.

In additional, as I have long noticed in many areas of life in America: even if a biker is very, very-very similar to an armed and dangerous bandit – he still drives neatly and politely. ūüôā

But what is very distressing – a good half of biker are not dressed properly.

Among the bikers is the term ATG-ATT (“All The Gear – All The Time”), But very many people skate not only without jackets and a helmet, but even without gloves. I saw even a few people wearing slippers. This is depressing.

Once again I repeat: there are a lot of such patients as in the picture below. These are eye-catching curiosities.

But this is not all! I’m happy to see fully equipped bikers in a helmet, special pants, a turtle jacket, gloves, and so on.

In total, in 19 US states wearing a helmet is mandatory for everyone in 100% of cases.
Here or here you can find detailed information on the states.

Texas to them, unfortunately, does not apply – here the law is “partial”. You can drive a bike without a helmet by Texas rules if you are over the age of 21, you have completed a safe driving course, or you have a medical insurance for at least $ 10,000. But to stop you, the police have no right to check the availability of this insurance. Unfortunately. Therefore, they go on their personal impressions – as they want.


There are a lot of types and types of motorcycles in general.

I’ll list here only the main ones that I constantly see around. For the ignorant, I included a small help on the types of motorcycles, I ask the avid bikers to forgive me for banality ūüôā


Cruiser – a motorcycle for the city and country trips on flat asphalt roads. All cruisers are big and heavy. Landing straight, comfortable. Hands are almost parallel to the ground. Low seat and wide rear wheel. Footboards are taken forward. The rear suspension significantly softens the impacts, which makes the movement very convenient. Cruisers look spectacular. Easily operated at high speeds. At short distances are considered one of the most comfortable, but with a long ride tired hands. A direct landing creates a strong resistance to the oncoming wind.


Cruiser ‚Äď Thai is what you imagine when you say “an American bikes (motorcycles).”

Cruisers here on American roads are an absolute majority.

The vast majority of cruise ships, of course – Harley. Judging by the motorcycle-filled parking at the bars – Harley here about 90%. The remaining seats are divided between Indian, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, and occasionally one can see some Triumph.

Content credit Wikipedia

A¬†cruiser¬†is a¬†motorcycle¬†in the style of American machines from the 1930s to the early 1960s, including those made by¬†Harley-Davidson,¬†Indian,¬†Excelsior¬†and¬†Henderson. The¬†riding position¬†usually….. More

The term softail refers to motorcycles and bicycles that feature a hidden rear suspension system with springs or shock absorbers to absorb bumps. Softail motorcycles give the appearance of having a hard-tail or rigid frame, normally with the shock absorbers or springs under the motorcycle and out of view. More






The¬†Yamaha V-Max, (called¬†VMAX¬†after 2009), is a¬†cruiser motorcycle¬†made by¬†Yamaha¬†since 1985, known for its powerful 70¬į¬†V4 engine, shaft drive, and distinctive styling. More







The Moto Guzzi California is a cruiser motorcycle manufactured and marketed by Moto Guzzi since 1971, with a standardseating position, footboards, heel-and-toe gearshift, and linked (discontinued for the new 1400 models) Brembo brakes. More




To be continue!

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Alex Barada
July 10, 2018

Very helpful, when will be next part?

    Pendant of Necklaces
    July 11, 2018

    Thank you! Very soon!

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